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社会・環境活動(CSR) Social and environmental activity (CSR)

企業倫理行動指針 Guideline for Corporate Ethical Action

We enacted “Guideline for Corporate Ethical Action” for the purpose of becoming a company trusted from
society and we take all actions to meet the Indicator.  

Contribution to customers
Fair competition
Proper purchase activities
Respect of intellectual property rights
Proper accounting operation and expenditure
Preservation of healthy labor environment and
     the order in work place
Preservation of natural environment
Development of a community
Fair action


環境方針 Policy for Natural Environment

We also recognize environmental issues as common subject with all human beings, and we work to
contribute to “preservation of global environment” and “people’s health.”

Environmental preservation and prevention of environmental pollution
Continuous improvement environmental management system
Compliance of environmental-related law and regulation
Reduction of electricity and gas energy
Reduction of use of natural resouces (water, paper, vehicles fuel, etc.)
Reduction of waste emission and research and promotion of recycling
Promotion of development of environmental products and construction
Promotion for minimization of environmental influence (drainage, sludge, an
   exhaust gas, noise, vibration)
Promotion of tree planting inside the factory


CSR(企業の社会的責任)の推進 Promotion of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The “Guidance of Corporate Ethical Action” based on the management concept and company creed is defined, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is promoted as one of the important parts of management policy.

CSR policy   
 We do our responsibility sincerely.   
 We aim at the continuous development needed in the society.   
 We concentrate on the measure of CSR of suppliers.   
  We perform business operation which lives together with stakeholders.

CSR promotion item
ⅠHuman rights and labor relation
        Prohibition of compulsory labor, prohibition of discrimination, fair wages and working hours,           
   employee’s right of organization, etc.
ⅡSafety and hygiene
        Safety measures of a mechanical apparatus, safety of work place, hygiene of work place,
        industrial accident and the labor illness, emergency, safety and hygiene of facilities, health care
        administration of employees, etc.
        Management of the chemical substance used by a manufacturing process, environmental
        management system, Minimization of the environment burden, effective use (3R) of resources
        and energy, the emission reduction of greenhouse gas, waste reduction, disclosure of the
        measures activities to environmental preservation, etc.
ⅣFair trade and ethical responsibility
        Prohibition of abuse of a dominant status, prohibition of restriction competitive activities, offer
        of exact product and service information, respect of intellectual property, information
        disclosure, etc.
Ⅴ Quality and safety
        Quality management system, management responsibility, operation management of resources,
Ⅵ Information security
        The contribution to society and local community


次世代育成・子育て支援 Next-generation training and aid for childcare

We make efforts to keep work life balance of employees in harmony and tackle maintenance of the workplace environment which make an employee fully demonstrate his capability. Moreover, we promote employment experience and vocational training for the younger generation.

Gestation period   The contents of April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2019    

Contents of the plan
1. To promote understanding and utilization of work rules of child rearing 
2. To raise all workers’ safe driving consciousness in order to protect a child from a traffic accident,
3. To offer employment experience opportunities, such as internship.