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沿革 History

1956 May EIDENSHA was founded at Torimachi, Kurume City.
1958 July Incorporated as EIDENSHA CO.,LTD.
A head office factory installed in Kokubumachi, Kurume City
1960 June The Tokyo office installed in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1967 August The Hikone office installed.
1969 April An instrumentation section span off to be established as Daiei Keiso Co., Ltd.
1970 June The Tokyo office promoted to a branch in promotion and relocated to Higashi Murayama City, Tokyo.
1970 October The Nasu office installed.
1971 October The Shimonoseki office installed.
1972 May Our cubicle type high-pressure electric devices was officially recommended by Japan Electric Association
1973 November The Fuji factory was built in Fuji-cho, Saga City.
1975 August Licenses of electric work business and machinery-and-appliance installation construction business was permitted  by the Minister of Construction permission No. 9057.
1979 June The Yokohama office installed.
1980 October Headoffice factory was relocated in Minamitsuru,Tsubukuhonmachi, Kurume
(in Nishida Industrial Complex).
1982 June The Hikone office became independent and established as Chubu EIDENSHA Co., Ltd.
1984 July The Hofu office is installed.
1994 January The Nasu office became independent and established as Nasu EIDENSHA Co., Ltd.
1994 January As a base of the Southeast Asia advance, EIDENSHA (THAILAND) was established in Thailand.
2001 March A head office section acquired ISO 9001 certification in March.
2001 July A joint venture was founded in Tianjin, China.
2003 September An affiliate company was founded to Wuxi, China.
2005 July An affiliate company was founded to Huizhou, China.
2010 July An affiliate company was founded to Shenyang, China.
2013 January EIDENSHA VIETNAM was established in Haiphong, Vietnam.
2014 June Nasu and Hikone, office is established by merging of EIDENSHA Ltd., Nasu EIDENSHA Ltd., and Chubu EIDENSHA Ltd.