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We process consistently from the time of accepting an order to hardware design,
software development, construction, test run, and system rise upload.

The “technical capabilities” of EIDENSHA support the life of the current age.

Always carrying out in our mind all parts of clients production facilities, this is our “mission” which remains unchanged for long time.
Our “product (switch board and software)” may not be found on the  front line of society to be brought into the limelight.
However, through our “technology”, we hope to take pride in supporting the center of roduction facilities at many clients’s factories.
The product which we made is shining brilliantly in each factory.
EIDENSHA continued being client’s “unsung hero” and hope to continue so all the time in the future.


In order to enhance our product quality to achieve clients’ wish, we process the board from scratch, “canning.”
Unless a can is completed, wiring process cannot be done to make a board. In the process of making a hole in the griddle of canning, the loud sound “Bang!, Bang!, Bang!” resounds all over inside our factory.
Machines are, of course, totally modernized and turret punches came to perform now, you may still hear the sound “Bang!, Bang!, Bang!” similarly, when still making a hole. This sound is just the barometer how our factory is actually operating.

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